Yak Angling in the Florida Keys with Rod Irons

Recently the PBAST headed on a three day yak-angling and remote camping trip in the Florida Keys.

Kayaking to the Content Keys

Rod Irons fishing the Flats as tide quickly comes in

The trip was guided by Bill Burnham of Burham Guides (www.BurnhamGuides.com) and everyone had an amazing time.  Bill made the trip extremely easy for us by providing expert knowledge of the area, food, gear and plenty of fresh water.

The Content Keys Campsite

The Content Keys Campsite

Skunk Baby in the Lead, the Whole Weekend

Day 1 started with Bill meeting us at the Parmer’s Resort (if anyone is looking for a taste of the “Old Keys” we recommend checking out Parmers) where we loaded his VW Van and headed to the “put-in” for approximately an 8 mile paddle.

Now normally an 8 mile paddle would not be a big deal to the PBAST, but the wind proofed to be a formidable opponent (with gust well over 20 mph.)  The one amazing thing was that it never slowed down the Skunk Baby and to make it more amazing it was his first time ever in a kayak.

After 8 miles we found ourselves on Content Key for an afternoon of fishing, relaxing and good eating.  A hot fire then carried us well into night as we consumed 3 liters of the cheapest wine money could buy.

Day 2 started and finish the same way, Great!  After a morning of wade fishing we set paddle (down wind I might add) to Tarpon Belly.  This leisurely paddle produced the only 3 fish we caught all weekend.

Members of the PBAST wading the flats!

Low Tide

After another night, a great Sunset on top of Poop Mountain (email me if you want an explanation), more good food and more cheap wine we loaded the boats for our final paddle and drive back to Miami International.

Tarpon Belly

On-top of Poop Mountain

And throughout it all we learned 3 things:

1.)  Tropical Fish HATE Cold Water!

2.)  Rednecks will party anywhere and left alone will probably burn down an island.

3.)  And yes .  .  . bears do shit in the woods.

Skunk Baby - aka the Bear

Tarpon Belly Sunset


~ by pbasteam on 03/20/2010.

3 Responses to “Yak Angling in the Florida Keys with Rod Irons”

  1. Nice review. I wish I could have joined. -Wade

  2. Awesome trip! I plan on doing the same thing in about a month. So you were allowed to camp and make fires at Content Key?

  3. Mike:

    We went with a local guide, but the answer to your questions is yes at the time of our trip we were allowed to camp and make fires.

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