Too much work.

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Due to a heavy work load, the Pork Belly All-Stars have taken an break for an undetermined amount of time.

Hope to speak to you soon.


Stripper/Rockfish Fishing Trip to Solomon’s Island, Maryland

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Stripper Fishing

Good Business Partners and Good Times


Port Mansfield for New Years Eve – The way to bring in 2013

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Port Mansfield for New Years Eve - The way to bring in 2013

Thanks to Bam Bam Charters and Snookdude Charters (both out of Port Mansfield Texas) the Pork Belly Allstars had an amazing trip to end 2012!

The Pork Belly AllStar gang had a great year, and our new year celebration made it only that much more fun.  Hopefully we can add some more photos from the Poodle shortly.

Here is to a crazy 2013.


Pork Belly All-Stars spend a week in Tokyo!

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The Pork Belly All-Stars were extremely lucky to visit Japan in November of 2012.

While this was a work trip, we got a chance to get out and visit a few sites…check them out.

(And if you are interested in #vertical farming, #controlled environment agriculture, #horticulture or #greenhouse technology you might want to check the work photos which will soon be posted at the Hort Americas Blog.)


Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji fish market – Fresh Catch getting ready for shipping!

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree ready for Christmas

Ramen for lunch.

Noodles in Japan!

Bicycle Parking

Love seeing the bicycle communities in different countries. Japan’s was thriving!

Imperial Garden at Night

Tokyo at night!

Tokyo Sunset

Early Sunset in Tokyo.

Local Food Movement is Global.

Abundant fresh food. Local Markets and Local Food everywhere!

Tokyo Fish

Amazing seafood at every corner!

Everyone is a friend in Tokyo.

The people we met were awesome. Language was often an issue, but that did not stop us from making friends.

Tuna Auction

Tuna Auction at 5:00 am – Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

Exciting auction house….moving extremely fast. Keep your arms and hands inside at all times.

Home field - Yokohama Baystars

Unlocked back gate in Yokohama at the Baystars Field.

Yokohama China Town Guard Dog

Small shop in China Town with a fierce guard dog. To his defense…it was cold.

Ginza Street Tokyo

Tokyo was EXPENSIVE…and Ginza Street seemed to be the most expensive area in town.

Travel Tokyo by Trains

Seems like we spent the entire time on Trains.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing on Friday Night.

Nike Air Force 1 - Tokyo

Party at the Nike Air Force 1 Store

Mini Vielo

Spent a bit of time visiting Bike Shops – Flame Bike Mini’s

Tokyo Drift

The real Tokyo Drift.

Tokyo Sky Tree

View from the observation deck at the Sky Tree.

Slow Cycle and Beer

This one was perfect for the Brew Crew. Cruisers and Beer. Good Combo

Next trip will be fishing in Port Mansfield with the Poodle and Minimum Wade!

The Pork Belly All-Stars Enjoy and Endure!

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As you all know I am not good at posting on a regular basis.  This is mostly because I spend much of my time working and posting on behalf of my companies.

But from time to time, I like to step away from work and share photos of our adventures or simply unload my unrefined and unorganized thoughts.

Today I think it is time for a little bit of both and today I think I want to write about Passion, Fight, Perseverance, Heart and Love.

As I travel I find that if I can describe individuals with these simple yet complex words, I will often leave that encounter inspired and ready to tackle and take on any obstacle or any person.  However, as I have aged I have come to understand that while I may admire the actions of these individuals when faced with specific challenges, I have also learned that these isolated actions don’t always truly define or encompass the spirit of those individuals.

There are a few people close to me that now face “defining moments.”  And in the months to come I know they will be challenged to find the passion and heart needed to fight a battle that at times they may not feel they can win.  I know they will need to rely on the love they have for each other to find the will they need to persevere in this struggle of a life time.  And I have no reason to believe that they will not ultimately be triumphant and that their spirit will inspire me to be a better person.

I challenge each and everyone you to set higher goals, look for battles that need to be fought, be disruptive to create positive change and most importantly live life with enthusiastic emotion.

Till next time.

Spring 2012, here we come……

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Life as a Pork Belly All-Star just seems to get more and more rushed….which ironically is the exact opposite of what being a Pork Belly All-Star is all about.

Whether its Hort Americas,, CHiggins Consultancy,  The Brew Crew, (new ideas like) Urban Agricultural Products or great non-profits like RISE Adventures; it just does not seem like there is enough time in the day.  (Not to mention maintaining a happy home and social life!)

OR is this what it means to try and be a  Renaissance “person” in 2012?  Due to technology and ever increasing competition … is it possible to excel at more than one passion?

Who knows and who actually cares!

What we do know, is that life is short and the biggest mistake would be to sit on the sidelines and watch it past by.

Get out and do something!  Get out a make a difference!  Or simply get-up and get out

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Till  next time!


TEXAS HEAT not slowing down the Bellies!

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As the PBAST prepares to ride in the Hotter’N Hell 100 (this weekend) and the Livestrong Challenge in October, we are equally excited to announce that we have already started to prepare for a special adventure  in 2013.  This adventure will include cycling, fishing, kayaking and fund-raising.

Stay tuned to learn how you can be involved with this unique opportunity!

August also gave Rod had a chance to visit some college friends in Leeland, MI.  Excellent time had by all!

And lastly, in the slide show you will see an “lake” image in Texas.  This photo is from our time with Rise Adventures.  Rise is an amazing group that gives those with physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in adventure and athletics.  Please visit their website and if possible support them in their efforts.


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